Training at Yew Tree Canine Society 
“Bringer of dreams”
Yew Tree Canine hold Ringcraft training, at present, 3 times a week at all 3 of our Venues. We have a 1/2 hour training session on every 4th Wednesday or Thursday ( Wednesday at Unstone throughout Summer and a Thursday at Aspley throughout Winter, dates and times on our Matchnight page) at the beginning of our Match Night evening. Training Sessions
Each venue, except Match Nights, carries a very similar format of training sessions starting at 7.15pm, depending on venue, continuing throughout the evening till finish, usually around 9 - 9.30 pm. Our very own puppy training and socialising begins the session with different exercises to encourage the youngsters to feel safe, calm and competent at being presented and moving around the mats (ring). The same goes for the handler who has a dog or puppy shown on the table. Our Trainers are calm and gentle with all our members dogs and puppies and will help and listen to any concerns you have about showing you dog. These exercises will be take place for about 1/2 an hour with one of our trainers then another, will continue the training by “going over” and moving your puppy on the mats for show practise until about 8pm. Our bigger venues will have adult training on a separate mat, alongside the puppy training so that nobody misses out training their dog. After 8pm its time for the puppies to have a rest where upon we will have open training for all on the bigger mats or ring. You and your Puppy, if you wish to stay, may continue light training until the end of the night. Teas and Coffees are served all evening but we stop for a break about 8.15pm to have refreshments and to call the raffle. If any member or ourselves is attending a local or champ Show then we try to gather as many different Society or Champ Show schedules that are available and still in time, together and bring back to the nights training for members to browse. We will help you understand and fill in a schedule/application form if you are new to showing. The rest of the evening till finish is just general open training including Junior Handler and senior handler training and exercises. The use of the mats (ring) in the quieter part of the evening is ideal for getting the best movement out of your dog. In the long summer nights we will train your dog outside on the grass ready for those outdoor shows. We hope you have enjoyed reading about what we do and look forward to maybe seeing you at one of our venues.
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