Yew Tree Canine Society - Dog of the Year 
Yew Tree’s Dog of the Year, Puppy and Golden Oldie Competition is held in the first week of January each year. All entrants for the Dog of the Year are taken from all our monthly Match Class Winners, Adults, Spl Yearlings, Puppy Walks, Puppies & Veterans. We also have our yearly competition for Junior Handler of the Year, both age categories, Senior Handler, Brace and our new Special Novice. Many thanks to our Judges and a huge well done to all our members who are placed on the night. DOG OF THE YEAR 2016 A huge congratulations to all the winners of our Dog of the Year Competition in January of 2017 at Aspley Church Hall. What a great night of showing with so many of our members in attendance after winning their relevant classes throughout 2016’s Matchnights at both our Aspley and Unstone Venues. A big thanks goes to our judge, Mrs Liz Lacey (Fleetpaws) for judging our members lovely dogs and puppies and having to make some really hard decisions on the night. Thank you to all our members who supported us on the night, helping out and providing extra food and raffle looking forward to DOTY 2017. Results and Pictures below:  
“Bringer of dreams”
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Judge - Mrs Liz Lacey (Fleetpaws) Dog of the Year Adult Winner-Julie Fajardo with “Seve” Cocker Spaniel Puppy of the Year: Puppy Walk Winner-Clare Bishop with “Titus” Doberman Golden Oldie of the Year: Veteran Winner- Linda Sorockyj with “Ruby” Shetland Sheepdog Junior Handler of the Year (6-10) Charlotte Hodgkinson-Rutherford with “Burta” Spanish Water Dog Senior Handler of the Year: Allie Broome with “Ceilidh” Scottish Terrier Senior Handler of the Year: Allie Broome with “Ceilidh” Scottish Terrier
Reserve Dog of the Year: Spl Yearling Winner-David Simpson with “Betty” Great Dane Reserve Puppy of the Year Puppy Winner-Sam Whiting with”Barry” Cocker Spaniel Reserve Golden Oldie of the Year: Vintage Winner-Debra Kay with “Panda” Jack Russell Terrier Junior Handler of the Year (11-16)  Hannah Haresign with “Arkusz” Polish Lowland Sheepdog Special Novice of the Year: Gemma Baron with “Harper” Lurcher Brace of the Year: Julie Fajardo with Cocker Spaniels “Seve & Mia”