Rules of the Society: As a society Yew Tree must put in place various rules which help the club to run as smooth as is possible, these are rules which help safeguard ourselves, our members and children as well as the health and well being of all the dogs and puppies who train with us. These rules are mostly intoduced by ourselves but some are also covered by the rules and regulations of the Kennel Club which will be quoted on this page. !! Important Information !! Please understand that we do not do obedience classes nor do we specialise in canine behavour, we therefore have made the decision to introduce a “strike penalty” for dogs displaying behaviour that is unwanted, unwarranted or intimidating, especially towards humans and dog/puppies. In the case of humans the said dog will be banned from training at all our venues, if it has displayed or displays a behaviour deemed by us as follows: Any form of aggression, intimidating (growling, snapping/biting)  attack, launch or extreme pull towards in an aggressive manner to cause harm. Although the list for canine behaviour is exhaustive, the way we we deal with every situation will be the same and the decision made on you and your dog will be final. Please understand that we have had to bring these rules in to safeguard the wellbeing of the trainers, handlers, children and all dogs or puppies present at training, please be aware that the Kennel Club take a very dim view of dogs causing any form of distress or harm at any KC event and in such cases of harm the dog will be instantly banned as well will its prodegy. Rule 1; (as quoted by the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations 2015)  A dog shall be removed from the show, if it is of such temperament to be a danger to the safety of any other person or animals. Please note: this rule will cover all our training venues and shows held by Yew Tree. Rule 2: All dogs and puppies attending training must be fully vaccinated (proof required on first day) Rule 3: Any dog having been in contact with an infected dog/s at home or when out and is showing signs of illness must be kept away from training untill deemed as all clear, this can also be covered by a veteranary note etc. Rule 4: Please do not bring your bitch if she is showing signs or is in season as this can cause upset at a training session or indoors. Please note: a bitch in season can contribute towards unwanted behaviour in male dogs. Rule 5: Please ensure you have a correctly fitted collar and lead, ensure the lead is strong enough and the clip works correctly be it for training or for general use. Rule 6: Please ensure that you are in control of your dog at all times and you are aware of what and where they are, many handlers allow their dogs to wander towards other dogs who may not like their space invaded this could lead to conflict. DO NOT allow this to happen unless you have confirmation from the other dogs owner that it is safe to do so. Rule 7: Unlike obedience, we must have our dogs lead held correctly and firmly at all times. Alot of exhibitors, old and new, seem to be unaware of the KC ruling that you can be fined if you drop the lead or you are not in complete control whilst you are showing in the ring. Rule 8: Adults responsible for children, please keep them under control at all times as any damage to the venue will be your responsibility. Rule 9: Please remember to clean up any mess your dogs make whilst in or around the hall enviroment, mops and poo bags will be available, poo bags to be deposited in the correct bins where provided. Smokers please dispose of your butts responsibly. Rule 10: Membership will be due on the first day back at training in the new year and covers you for training at all venues, matchnight, limit and all breed shows. Membership is deemed as the person or persons living at the same address who trains at any of our venues.
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