Yew Tree Canine Society The logo for the Society was formed around where we live and in association with Nottinghamshire and Sherwood Forest but because there were so many names with "Oaks", "Acorns" or "Pines" in, we decided upon the mystical "Yew". The Yew Tree was chosen for what the Yew stands for ...“The symbol of magic “, “To protect “, “For everlasting Life” and the most relevant to our aims ”The bringer of dreams”, which we use as our statement. It is said that the Yew Tree was planted and always found, in many a graveyard, where the souls of the dead would travel through its roots and upwards through the body and out through the leaves towards heaven, a story which bodes well for training our puppies for a successful career into adulthood - we have had many success stories.   Our logo is made up from our name and our statement, The Yew Tree , and the triangle and the circle to denote dog show training. Copyright © Yew Tree Canine Society 2007 ( All Rights Reserved )