Yew Tree Canine Society Yew Tree is very proud to have given so much joy and success to many of its members throughout the years of training we have given and indeed continue to do so.When we see our members results from around the dog showing world we are very proud of their successes especially when they achieve that coveted CC (Challenge Certificate) or Reserve CC, maybe even a Best in Show. In our own little community its nice to see our members winning at Match Nights, local or our own and even our Fun and Limit/All Breed Shows.Yew Tree itself is very proud to have been able to give so much to charity especially when times are so hard at present and show entries are so low everywhere. We always find that people are willing to support us in every way they can be it help at our shows and/or entering their dogs making our events bigger and better, raising more funds for our chosen charities. Yew Tree also prides itself in helping others raise funds for their shows as recently we held a Companion Dog Show for the Derby County Show, where we stepped in for them providing another great attraction, and running something what we do best, a good show with lovely rosettes and prizes, some great judging and some lovely dogs entered in the classes on the day, we plan to make this a regular event to add another splendid attraction to the show. In 2010, Yew Tree was asked to attend the opening of a new kennelgate store at Hucknall, Nott’s. A great fun day was had with the public high in attendance. Lots of things going on and of course we were there to show the public what we do and, with the support of so many of our members dogs, see the different types of pedigree dogs shown locally. We here at Yew Tree are very proud of our achievements so far, and when i say Yew Tree i mean all our members and everyone that has helped us out and continue to do so - without you all there would be no Yew Tree. We enjoy everything we do within the show world and even more so in helping others achieve that dream.........All in all we are just down to earth show people who work as a team to give that little bit extra to help you or your show. Copyright © Yew Tree Canine Society 2007 ( All Rights Reserved )